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Born in Washington, DC and heavily influenced by the Beatles, Bread, Three Dog Night and so many other '60s and '70s groups, Joe's music seems to combine a little of the groups of that time.

He had some success in the '70s as a songwriter/singer playing in lounges in the DC area. Some of his tunes were played on some of the smaller local radio stations, cable radio and even a station in Iran from a friend who was the voice of the Shah.

Joe then turned to Nashville, where Kris Kristofferson Publishing planned to use a couple of his songs for a light rock label Kris owned.  His tunes were bumped from an album, and the next thing he knew the label went under.

He also has worked with Chris Nicks (Stevie Nicks' brother) at Screen Gems, however Chris left Screen Gems before anything could be finalized.

Joe said that even though he had limited success, he was still pleased that someone other than his friends and family felt he had a talent for writing.

Now, after all this time, he created his own CD’s and hopes you will enjoy his music!